Đà Nẵng- Senior Android Engineer

Công ty: Everfit
 Địa điểm làm việc: Da Nang
 Số lượng tuyển dụng: 1 vị trí
 Lương: 1,000-1,500
 Trình độ: Senior
 Vai trò: Frontend
 Kỹ năng: English – 0Android – 0
 Ngành nghề: High Technology (IT, Software,…)
 Ngôn ngữ: English – 1

 Mô tả công việc

We are on a mission to build the most powerful platform for Personal Trainers and Gyms to grow their businesses to the next level. We are a badass team coming from Google and startups in Silicon Valley. We are looking for a fun, smart, and independent senior Android engineer based in Da Nang to join us on this exciting journey! We have closed the first annual contracts with a few first customers and are gearing up for our official launch in Q1 2020! You will be a crucial part of the success of our launch!

– Build new features and improve current features on our current Android platform

– Follow the product roadmap and product specs guideline

– Operate effectively on Jira

– Operate effectively with Git

– Collaborate closely with Product team and Engineering team Members to ship great products

 Yêu cầu công việc

– At least 3 years Prior Android development experience &

– At least 1-year experience with Kotlin

– Strong experience & high passion in software developing tasks. Multi-threading, distributed-system, embedded automation application… are among our focuses.

– Understand at least one of these architecture: MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture

– Familiar with popular design patterns (singleton, factory, data repository..)

– Familiar to new technology such as: Jetpack, AndroidX, Android Architecture Component (LiveData, ViewModel)

– Basic communication in English and middle at reading and writing skill.

 Tại sao ứng viên nên ứng tuyển vào vị trí này

– Up to $1800/month depending on experience

– Performance Bonus – 13th-month salary

– Health insurance

– Professional, dynamic and open working environment

– Unlimited potential for career growth because we are small and fast growing

 Kỹ năng và kinh nghiệm ưa thích

– Agile/Scrum experience is a plus

– Experience with and understanding of test driven design and unit testing is a plus

 Báo cáo cho

Tech Lead

 Quy trình phỏng vấn

1. Online interview first with Tech lead/Engineering Manager,

2. Online coding challenge (onsite if possible) + Online interview with functional team members,

3. Interview with Founders (online)

 Ghi chú cho người giới thiệu

– New website of Everfit for more details: https://everfit.io/ – Everfit Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1mM5diA1TU&feature=youtu.be Q&A:

1. Hiện tại team có bao nhiêu member? Team Dev có bao nhiêu member?

– Office in Da Nang: Dev team: 8 members (engineers, QA…)

– Office in Silicon Valley: 2 Co-founders, 1 Marketing, 1 tech advisor (currently at Google) – Remote: 3 UXUI Designer (Asia and, Europe)

2. Ứng viên có cần Tiếng anh tốt không? Communication trong team tiếng anh hết, meeting mỗi tuần, jira, slack,…

3. Product của Everfit đã đến giai đoạn nào rồi? Đã có client và revenue chưa? Everfit đang ở giai đoạn Beta testing, hiện tại đã hoàn thành vòng gọi vốn đầu tiên và kí xong hợp đồng với những khách hàng đầu tiên.

– Target client lớn như Linkedin, Facebook, Samsung,… client chính ở Mỹ.

– Everfit là SaaS B2B2C, dành cho các freelance personal trainers để quản lý hiệu quả của quá trình luyện tập của học viên (có tính năng giao bài tập fitness và track tiến độ của người tập).

– Target hiện tại là các corporate khoảng 20,000 – 30,000 nhân viên, nhưng bị giới hạn nguồn lực vi số lượng trainer trong công ty chỉ có thể train cho 200-300 nhân viên. Everfit sẽ giúp các bạn trainer này quản lý được toàn bộ 20,000 – 30,000 nhân viên đó (là người tập) thông qua app. 4. Có open tuyển expat không? Không, prefer VN.

 Về công ty

We are on a mission to build the most powerful platform for Personal Trainers and Gyms to grow their businesses to the next level. We have a founding team coming from startups in Silicon Valley and a fast-paced engineering team based in Vietnam. Having closed our seed funding round in 2019 and gearing up for our official launch in Q1 2020, we are looking for fun, smart, and independent team members in Da Nang to join us on this exciting journey! You will be a crucial part of the success of our launch! Check out this 2020 Company Retreat to learn more about our culture! Link: https://youtu.be/7r0Umlr22BA ABOUT: We strive to elevate personal training with a seamless cloud platform and build a marketplace to bring personalized fitness to the masses. We are a super unique product company targeting the US market with a high-performing engineering team in Vietnam. The platform is available on Web, Native iOS, and Android. Website: https://everfit.io/ iOS Client: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/everfit-train-smart/id1438926364?ls=1&mt=8 iOS Trainer: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/everfit-for-coach/id1485827117?ign-mpt=uo%3D2 Android Client: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.everfit MISSION: Help the personal training industry bring fitness education to the masses. Help the world find everlasting health and fitness. OUR VALUES Dedication: With devotion to our craft, we put our heart into our work and take responsibility for our contributions. We always make sure this is the best work we present. Collaboration: A startup is like a relay, each leg is as important as another. We achieve success together as a team: sharing new ideas, being responsible to others, and helping each other out always. Winner Spirit: We have our eyes set on the prize. We are willing to buckle down, stay driven, and put in more effort to outwork the competition. But we don’t just work hard; we also work smart. We find solutions and learn new skills. Because we aim to be the winner, the #1. Joy every day: There will be tough days. But we remember to have fun and enjoy our friendship with each other. We bring positivity to the team, remembering to cheer on each other and celebrate our wins – no matter how large or small.

 Địa chỉ công ty

iOT Space, 63 Phan Đăng Lưu, Da Nang, Vietnam


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